SplineLib – TU Wien – RWTH Aachen

SplineLib, developed collaboratively between the ILSB at TU Wien and CATS at RWTH Aachen University, is a multi-purpose spline library supporting geometry representation, finite element analysis as well as optimization. The library offers a wide range of spline manipulation algorithms and features an innovative, efficient, and objective-oriented algorithm for B-spline basis function evaluation. All features are available via a spline-type-independent interface. The library is written in modern C++ with CMake as build system.

Related publication

Markus Frings, Norbert Hosters, Corinna Müller, Max Spahn, Christoph Susen, Konstantin Key, Stefanie Elgeti:
SplineLib: A modern multi-purpose C++ spline library. Adv. Eng. Softw. 146: 102826 (2020)

The IRIT Modeling Environment – Technion

GuIrit: a Graphical User Interface to IRIT – Technion

IRIT is a freeform geometric modeling environment that allows one to model general freeform surfaces’ based models as well as polygonal objects, and use Boolean operations on both. Beyond its very strong support for Bezier and B-spline curves and (trimmed) surfaces, IRIT has many unique features that help in handling freeform geometry including strong symbolic, numeric and algebraic based computation and analysis, support of trivariate spline volumes, as well as general multivariate spline functions. IRIT supports parametric microstructures synthesis.

GuIrit is a graphical user interface to IRIT.

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